Tips To Construct Flat Pack Furniture

Let’s be honest, assembling flat-packed furniture isn’t the most enjoyable task. That’s why here at Christow we have written our Tips To Construct Flat Pack Furniture

Building flat packed furniture is tiresome, time-consuming and, more often than not, downright confusing. However, if you’re methodical, give yourself plenty of time and, yes, follow the instructions closely, you can build it with a minimal amount of fuss.

If you’ve bought flat-packed furniture from Christow, or from another reputable company, these handy tips to construct flat pack furniture should make building it a lot more straightforward:

Prep Your Work Space 

The last thing you want once you’ve built your furniture is to be moving it about. That’s why we recommend always building your flat-packed furniture in the room you plan to furnish. If it’s a large item, you could damage it taking it up a flight of stairs or through a doorway. Additionally, building the furniture on a dustsheet can help protect carpets from sawdust and prevent the furniture getting damaged on hard flooring.


Open The Box With Care 

Always take the utmost care when opening the box. It’s easy to get carried away when you buy something new and rip the box open so you can peak inside it, but there’s a high risk you could damage the contents. If you’re using a knife or scissors, take care! As well as damaging the furniture, you could hurt yourself. Flat packed furniture can be packed tightly, so it’s easy to do.


Check You Have All The Required Parts

 Most of us will skip this step because we don’t want to waste time going through hundreds of pieces. However, there’s nothing worse than getting halfway through building your furniture, only to find you’re missing a crucial part. If you’ve bought your furniture from Christow, we should have spare parts readily available and can arrange for them to be delivered to you.


Know Which Parts Are Which

Flat-packed furniture comes with screws, bolts and fixings of all shapes and sizes. Using the wrong sized screw could damage the furniture so make sure you know which ones are which before you begin construction. Fixings are also easy to lose and could get muddled up, so always separate them into groups and place each group in a cup or saucer for easy access.


Ask A Friend To Help 

Although it’s possible to build flat-packed furniture on your own, it’s a lot easier to build it with someone else. Trust us, trying to hold up the side panel of a bookcase, whilst you attempt to screw the base on, is easier said than done. More often than not, flat-packed furniture is heavy and awkward to construct. An extra pair of hands makes the process a million times easier.


We hope these tips to construct flat pack furniture give you a good idea on how to prep for building your furniture. And remember, always prepare a cuppa beforehand. Building flat-packed furniture is thirsty work!

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