How To Create A Perfect Chill Out Room

After a long day at work, most of us just want to get home, chill out and forget about the day we’ve had until it starts again tomorrow. Whilst we can’t all afford a jacuzzi or our own personal masseuse, there are plenty of ways to transform your home into a haven or relaxation.

Here’s our guide to creating the ultimate chill-out zone.

Find The Perfect Spot

Whether it’s a spare room you use for storage or a light-filled window on your landing, we all have an untouched area of our home that is dying to be used. Once you’ve found an area that’s ripe for chilling, it’s time to transform it.

Sit Back & Relax

Unless standing up is your idea of relaxation, you’re going to need a comfortable place to sit. Choose a chair that suits the size of your area. Sofas and armchairs are perfect for larger rooms whilst office chairs and bar stools are more suitable for smaller spaces.

Christow Chill Out Room

Get The Lighting Right

Soft lighting will instantly transform your chill-out zone into a more relaxing place to be. String lights can be used to illuminate a larger area and create a cosier setting, whilst LED candles emit a gorgeous, warm white glow to create a tranquil ambience.

Make It Your Own

Remember, this is your space and your space alone (unless, of course, other people are invited). Whether it’s a framed poster, favourite photo, or your treasured books and records, put a personal stamp on your space by decorating it with the things you love.


Set The Mood With Music

Sit back, relax and let your worries drift away by listening to your favourite tunes. Forget about ambient classics, play whatever helps you relax – even if it’s thrashcore metal!

All-in-one record players are perfect for spinning your favourite tunes. If you don’t own any records, you can use the Bluetooth function to stream music from your smartphone or laptop and listen to it through its inbuilt speakers.


Entertain Yourself

Whether you want to spend time your reading, streaming or taking a nap, you’re going to need somewhere to store your essentials. Our nightstands take up minimal space and are great for keeping your books, stationery or blanket within easy reach when you’re relaxing.


We hope you found our tips helpful, you’ll have your space perfectly cosy in no time at all! Come and see us again soon for more advice on your home. You can browse a wide range of products which could help cosy up your home online now at

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