Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Space

Smaller kitchens can quickly become chaotic. Cupboards are cluttered, drawers won’t close and there’s no space to prepare meals – let alone cook them! Thankfully, there are simple ways to transform the smallest of kitchens into a functional space.


Shelves, shelves and more shelves. They’re an absolute lifesaver when it comes to utilising kitchen space. Fix them to walls and inside cupboards to store tins, jars, herbs and spices. Open shelves also look fabulous festooned with decorative objects.


If you’re short on space, use hooks on the inside or outside of cupboards to hang pans, tea towels and utensils. Pegs boards are also great for smaller kitchens because you can fix them flat to a wall and free up space in your cupboards.



Use plastic containers to store cereal, pasta and other staples. Because they’re stackable, they free up counter space. Another benefit is that they’re usually smaller than the packaging the product came in.


Dining tables don’t have to take up a huge amount of room. Our compact 3-piece breakfast dining set is a perfect size for couples or singles. It comes with two chairs which fit neatly underneath it and has a storage area for newspapers and magazines.

Christow 3 Piece Dining Table Chairs & Table Set


Looking for something a little bigger? If you have children, our 5-piece family dining set has space for four people and is specially designed to maximise your kitchen space.

Christow 5 Piece Dining Table & Chair Set


If you like to unwind with a bottle of wine when the working week is over, you’ll love our 6-bottle wine rack. It fits neatly onto a kitchen worktop, so it doesn’t take up any floor space. Its vintage look also makes it a fantastic feature piece.

Christow Wine Rack


Use neutral storage boxes on top of cupboards to utilise the dead space. They’re ideal for storing appliances and other bits and bobs you don’t tend to use as regularly.


Don’t worry if you’ve run out of drawer space. Free up a bit of room by fixing a magnetic strip to a wall and use it to hold knives and other metal utensils.


Sometimes a larger chopping board is better than lots of small ones. Rather than using up valuable drawer space, you can place a large chopping board over the sink. This also allows you to quickly clean and prepare it for cooking.


Transform the cupboard under your sink from a nightmare to a daydream by sticking baskets onto the inside of the doors to store your sponges and scrubbers. You can also use storage hooks for cloths, rubber gloves and other cleaning essentials.

We hope you found these tips helpful to keep your cosy kitchen an organised, functional area that you enjoy to be in.

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