Spruce up Your Greenhouse 🌱

Greenhouses are a fundamental part of the gardening world. Protecting your beautiful plants from harsh English weather, pests and keeps heat in for plants to be grown in a happy and healthy environment. So why not give back? If your greenhouse has seen better days and not working to its best capability, why not replace the cover to make it look good as new. ✨
Read more to find out some answers to FAQs our customers have asked about the Christow Greenhouse Cover.

How to fit the replacement cover?

  • Ensure the front door is un-zipped before adding the cover to the frame.
  • Double check the internal cover ties are secured to the frame to help secure the cover in place.
  • Make sure the front door is zipped once on the frame to help re-square the cover to the frame.
  • Do not attempt to add your cover during strong winds.

Why does the replacement cover not fit my frame?

Measure your frame before ordering. There is no reason why the cover shouldn’t fit. However please take into consideration the following:

  • Make sure the poles are securely connected to the connectors before adding the cover.
  • Ensure no poles have miss-shaped over time as this will cause the frame size to be inaccurate for the replacement cover.
  • Arrange the frame to be erected on flat and stable ground. This can also cause the frame size to differ from the replacement cover.

 How can I protect my Greenhouse from British weather?

  • Ensure that your greenhouse frame is pegged or tied securely to the ground or wall.
  • Ensure the greenhouse cover is secured to the frame.
  • Do not place your greenhouse in exposed areas.

What if I have a problem?

If you run into any issues when fitting your greenhouse cover or within the first year of using the product, simply contact us and we will be happy to replace your replacement cover.

Follow all these steps to make sure your fantastic greenhouse cover that will remain functional years to come.

We hope you found this post about all about the Christow Greenhouse Cover to be helpful. If you enjoyed this, why not go over to our blog to get more top tips on home and gardening.
However, if your greenhouse could use a bit of restoration, have a look at our range of Greenhouse Covers that would suit you.

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