How Should Red Wine Be Stored At Home?

There’s more to wine than knowing your Rioja from your Merlot.

Take that vintage red you’ve been saving for a special occasion. If you haven’t stored it properly, it’s going to taste about as good as a bottom shelf bottle from the local corner shop. Our experts reveal how to get the best out of your wine with their top storage tips.


Keep Your Cool

There’s nothing worse than a bottle of red that has been stored at the wrong temperature, especially for a good few months or years. Leave it too long and it’ll be as palatable as a wringed out gym sock. Ideally, you want to be storing it at 12 degrees Celsius.

And Stay There

Now keep it at that temperature. If the temperature fluctuates too much, it could spoil the wine completely. Too much heat can cook the wine, causing it to contract and expand. It could also loosen the cork and lead to a leakage. Hardly ideal if you own a shag pile rug.

Steady On

Moving a bottle around too much can affect the ageing process and ruin the flavour. The more you handle it, the worse the wine will taste.

Stay Out The Sun

Placing a bottle near a window is a big no-no. Too much exposure to direct sunlight prematurely ages the wine before you have a chance to enjoy it. Household lighting shouldn’t affect the wine, but steer clear of fluorescent bulbs, just to be on the safe side.

Take A Different Perspective

When storing wine with a natural cork, make sure it’s stored sideways so the cork and liquid are always touching. This will keep the cork moist and prevent it from drying, safeguarding the wine from oxidisation and preserving its flavour. Chin, chin!

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