Garden Parasol Buying Guide

When summer comes around, nothing beats being outside in your garden. But even though we all like to bask in the sunshine, we occasionally need to escape it.

Parasols provide shade and protection from the sun whilst allowing you to enjoy your garden in all its glorious splendour. They’re perfect for keeping you shaded when you’re relaxing on a sun lounger or wining and dining with friends and family.

If you’re wondering what parasol is best for your garden, Christow has you covered. Our buying guide contains all the information you need to know, so you can pick the perfect parasol for your outdoor area and keep yourself shaded all summer long.

Canopy Size

Before choosing a parasol, it’s important to consider the size of its canopy. Some canopies are a perfect size for patio tables whilst others are better for shading large, open spaces.


2-metre Canopy

A parasol with 2-metre canopy is the smallest type available. It’s perfect for shading a small two-seater bistro table or for patio and decking areas that are short on space.


2.4-metre Canopy

If you have a four-seater or a smaller six-seater patio table, a parasol with a 2.4-metre canopy should provide you with plenty of shade from the sun.

2.7-metre Canopy

A parasol with a 2.7-metre canopy is perfect for larger patio tables that seat six to eight people. It’s size also provides excellent coverage if you’re relaxing on a lounger.


Overhanging Canopy

Overhanging canopies are a top choice for large, open spaces. Their overhanging design makes them great for shading sun loungers and outdoor furniture sets.

We stock an overhanging cantilever parasol with 2.5-metre canopy and an overhanging banana parasol with a 3-metre canopy to suit your outdoor space.

Pole Construction

Parasol poles tend to be made from either steel, aluminium or wood. Each has advantages and disadvantages which are worthy of consideration.

Steel Pole

Steel parasols are the strongest type available and provide the best stability and wind-resistance. They’re also heavier than wood and aluminium parasols.

Aluminium Pole

Aluminium parasols are lighter than steel and wooden parasols. This makes them perfect if you like to regularly move your parasol to different areas of your garden.

Wooden Pole

Although wooden poles are less resilient than steel and aluminium poles, they have an attractive, natural look which pairs up beautifully with wooden patio furniture.

Other Features

The following features are designed to improve the durability, stability and protection our parasols provide. The features are present on all our parasols, unless stated otherwise.


Canopy Material

Our parasol canopies are made from thick and durable 180g polyester fabric. The material is water-resistant, so it won’t absorb too much water unless there’s a heavy spell of rain. It’s perfect for keeping you dry during light summer showers.

Ultraviolet Protection

Most of our parasols are rated UPF 30+ to give you greater protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Our steel parasols are the only ones that don’t provide this level of protection.

Air Vent

All our parasols have an air vent at the top of the canopy which helps to reduce wind pressure and improve its stability. The vent also helps to release hot air to keep you nice and cool when you’re shading yourself from the sunshine.

Types Of Parasol

Upright Parasols

These parasols are the most popular type available. They have a pole in the centre to support the canopy and are typically placed through the centre of a patio table.


Our steel parasol is available with a 2-metre, 2.4-metre or 2.7-metre canopy. A crank handle enables you to easily open and close the canopy. Simply wind the handle one way to open the canopy and the other way to close it.



Our wooden parasol has a compact 2-metre canopy with a traditional pulley system to open and close the canopy. A locking pin allows you to adjust the canopy to three height positions to increase or decrease the amount of shade it gives you.

Recommended Base

Choose our 11kg base if you’re using your parasol with a table or our 25kg base if you’re using it without. Both are available with a square or circular design to match the shape of your patio table.


Tilting Parasols

Our tilting parasol is similar to our upright parasol but with a swivel joint on the pole. This allows you to tilt the canopy at an angle to block out the low-lying sun.


Our tilting parasol has an aluminium pole with 2.4-metre or 2.7-metre canopy. Like our steel parasol, it features a crank handle to easily open and lower the canopy.

Recommended Base

Our 11kg base is perfect for using with a patio table because the table helps to give the parasol extra stability. If you’re using your parasol without a patio table, a 25kg base will provide the extra weight required to keep it stable and secure.


Cantilever Parasols

Cantilever parasols have a spacious, overhanging canopy. Unlike upright parasols, there’s no support pole in the centre to restrict your space, which makes them perfect for shading larger areas of your garden and patio furniture sets.

Banana Parasol

Our banana parasol has a large 3-metre canopy to provide excellent shade and protection from the sun. A push lever allows you to easily push the canopy into an overhanging position whilst a crank handle enables you to easily open and close it.


Tilting Parasol

Our tilting cantilever parasol has a spacious 2.5-metre canopy with a tilting function to shade you from the sun as it sets and rises. It also features a foot pedal which allows you to swivel the canopy around and shade you from the sun at all hours of the day.


Recommended Base

Although our cantilever parasols have a cross-base, it isn’t heavy enough to keep them upright and protect them from the wind. We stock cantilever bases for 4.5cm and 6cm cross-bases. The bases can be weighted with water or sand for superior stability.

We hope you found our buying guide useful and it’s helped you to pick the perfect parasol for your garden. If you’re looking for more outdoor inspiration, visit our garden range, which is home to potting tables, lights, sheds, storage containers and more.

  • Gary mortimer says:

    Received parasol base this afternoon. Delivery timely and product looks good. Crack in the concrete across the underneath of the base and slightly on top is a worry but we are going to persevere with it since I need it for the bank holiday weekend. Could be transit damage but slightly detracted from the purchase.
    Easy purchase and certainly fit the pole fine, just need to watch the cracks


    • lydiahands says:

      Hi Gary,

      Thank you for your comment.
      We’re really sorry to hear your parasol base is damaged. if it’s possible to email our customer service department on [email protected] we will investigate this further.
      Please bear in mind there may be a little delay in response as our customer service department is receiving a high volume of emails, we will answer your email as soon as we can.

      Thank you for getting in touch, we look forward to your email.

  • Judit says:

    Can I ask if your canopy is spark-resistant?

    • lydiahands says:

      Hi Judit,

      We’re afraid to say our parasols are unfortunately not spark resistant and wouldn’t recommend placing them close to a fire.

      Thank you for your comment.

  • Stephanie Dixon says:

    We are looking at buying a tilting parasol but are unsure if it is necessary to have a base, which we feel will probably be to tall for the space available anyhow. We have a very solid wood octagonal table which has two holes for a parasol. One obviously at table top level and the other lower down. We think stability should be good, are we right? Thank you

    • lydiahands says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you for your comment.
      We would always recommend a parasol base in any circumstance, it ensures the parasol will be stable and will not blow away in the wind for safety of people in the vicinity and to ensure no damage to you parasol is caused.

      Kind regards,

  • Hayley Jones says:

    I have purchased the Roma 3 m tilting cantilever parasol. I have also order the 66kg fan base to go with it but I’m now worried I should have purchased the 110kg square bases instead as this is what it’s pictured with? Will the fan base work?

    • lydiahands says:

      Hi Hayley,

      Thank you for your message.
      The Fan Base will be sufficient, we would recommend filling with sand as it will weigh the base down more than water.

      Kind regards,

  • Tanya says:

    Is the parasol fabric removable and washable?

    • lydiahands says:

      Hi Tanya,

      Thank you for your message.
      The fabric can be washed with a damp cloth but unfortunately cannot be removed.

      Kind regards,

  • Janet says:

    Hello l am wondering do you sale spares for parasol please

    • lydiahands says:

      Hi Janet,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Unfortunately we do not sell spare parts for our parasols, we’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

      Kind regards,

  • Alan Walker says:

    Hi interested in your 2.4 tilt parasol umbrella are they Made in Britain Kind regards .

    • lydiahands says:

      Hi Alan,

      Our parasols are designed in Devon, England but are made in China.

      Kind regards,

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