The same thing happens every Christmas, doesn’t it? You leave all your presents to the final minute and have to run around like a headless turkey on Christmas Eve. It’s a race against time at that point; a mad grab for whatever tat you can get your greasy hands on.

Come Christmas Day, everyone puts on a brave face when they open their presents. Mum says she loves her novelty dinosaur slippers and dad looks delighted with his reindeer poop chocolate, but you know they’re lying. They’ll be listing them on eBay before you can sing Auld Lang Syne.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of last-minute shopping, Christow has you covered. Forget about strained smiles and false thank you’s because our presents are guaranteed to please. Without further ado, we proudly present to you, our ultimate Christmas gift guide.

Barrel Wine Rack

There’s someone in every family who fancies themselves as a wine connoisseur. Pour them a glass of vino and they’ll sniff it, sip it, and spit it in the nearest fishbowl. The truth is they don’t know their Malbec from their Merlot, but they don’t need to know that you know that. The best present you can give them is to inflate their ego even further. Cheers!

Our 8-bottle barrel wine rack is crafted from wood with an elegant oak effect finish. We’ve designed it in the shape of a wine barrel with a flat top to display your chosen bottle and pour a glass for your guests. It’s a stunning statement piece for a wine enthusiast’s abode.

Artificial Rose Tree

Poor old Aunt Petunia. Last time you paid her a visit, her house plants looked like they’d spent two years hiking in the Sahara Desert. As much as she loves her plants, she’s no Charlie Dimmock. What she really needs is a fuss-free plant that looks after itself. Something that will look as lavishing in ten years’ time as it does today.

Anyone who loves flowers will love our pre-potted artificial rose trees. We’ve designed them with a twisted trunk, artificial vine, and dense foliage for a luxury finish. Choose from a 3ft or 4ft tree with cream or pink flowers in various stages of bloom. Beautiful!

3 Wick LED Candle

Candles are always a winner. They’re a wonderful way to create a relaxing ambience when you’re entertaining guests or binge-watching the latest Netflix boxset after a long, hard day at work. The fantastic thing about our LED candles is that they don’t pose a fire risk, making them a perfect prezzie for relatives with children or pets.

Our 3 wick LED candle is crafted from real candle wax in a contemporary clear or smoked glass casing. We’ve designed it with three flame-shaped bulbs which emit the warm glow of real candle flames. It also comes with a remote control with a timer and dimmer function.

Tomato Growhouse

We all know someone who loves to grow their own – usually to varying levels of success. Those tomatoes dad gave you in the summer were dripping with slug slime and had more holes in them than a block of Emmental Cheese. If only he had some way of protecting his plants from pests and growing healthy tomatoes every year?

Our tomato growhouse is easy to erect and features a reinforced mesh cover to promote stronger, healthier growth. It also has a roll-up zipper door to protect your plants from critters and access points for bamboo canes to support plants as they grow.

Rustic Bird Bath

There’s a nature-lover in every family. Someone who can’t stop talking about the giant earwig they encountered in their garden or the cheeky squirrel who flicks them the finger when they visit the park. If you have a Doctor Doolittle in your family, they’ll love inviting wild birds to their garden with one of our gorgeous rustic birdbaths.

Our birdbaths are made from weather-resistant plastic resin with ground pegs to secure to your lawn. We’ve designed them in an ornate Victorian style with a rustic bronze, grey, or green finish. They’re a perfect place for feathered friends to bathe, drink, and party the day away.

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